You Take Of Your Windshield And Your Insurer Will Be So Happy

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It always starts with something as remote as a scratch. But leave it long enough by ignoring it and soon it develops into a full-blown crack. When it comes to windscreens, that can never be good news, in more ways than one. For one thing, you and your vehicle are an accident waiting to happen. And the moment you report this business to your insurer, should you be lucky enough to escape with no more than a scrape, they are rather irritated. And let’s be honest, they have just caused for being so.

It is not as though they did not warn you ahead of the time. They already laid down the ground rules for dealing with loss and damage. They even gave you feelers and tasters, incentives for when you did as was told to you you should do. For instance, if you had turned your vehicle in for a cracked windshield repair houston tx service, you could have had your excess or deductible waived. If not that, it could have been reduced.

And so you think you’re doing them a favor. Not really. Yes, it’s true you’re helping them out be reducing the costs they would have had to pay for your claimed losses or damages. But it is you who will be enjoying the favor most. Minimal damage would have been done to your vehicle. And better still, lives could very well have been saved. Because there is nothing worse than driving around with a cracked windscreen in a thick, heavy mist or a sudden downpour.

Just be a good driver and do the right thing. The moment you see a scratch, just go right ahead and report it in for repairs.