5 Important Facts About Trucking Jobs

If you’ve considered a career as a truck driver, the five important facts below may convince you to take the nudge forward and complete those applications. Thousands of truck drivers trek the miles to deliver products and goods every single year and there is always a need for more drivers. Are you ready to learn more about life as a truck driver?

Phoenix Trucking Companieson the job stress

1- How to Get a Job as a Truck Driver

Getting a job as a truck driver is not too hard if you have earned your CDL and have a great resume created to submit to local trucking companies. Many companies will help you obtain the CDL at no cost if you agree to work for their company for a specified period of time. Research companies before you accept a job or even apply, because each has their own pros and cons, pay rates, and advantages. The ‘net makes finding out the real information about a particular company simple and rewarding.

2- Truckers Pay Rate

Pay rate for truckers varies considerably from one company to the next. However, Phoenix Trucking Companies offer above average pay that allows drivers to maintain comfortable lifestyles. Carrier Builder reports that a truck driver earns an average of $44,500 annually. There are some pretty great benefit offered to truck drivers in addition to the awesome pay rate, including vacation, bonus miles, insurance, 401(k) and more.

3- The Rewards of Driving a Truck

Drivers are attracted to jobs in the trucking industry because they enjoy making a difference in the world, they love seeing new places, and of course, driving is something they enjoy doing, but they’re really convinced it is the right position once they discover that the job offers so many great benefits. Truck drivers earn great pay and benefits, can travel for free, and never worry about the need for a job. Trucking jobs are in high demand and the need only continues to rise.

4 – Team Driving

If the thought of spending such long amounts of time apart from your spouse seems drastic, you should consider team driving and regain that lost time with your lover. Team drivers earn more money and share more time together on-the-road where they can share many special moments together as they work. Not all trucking companies offer team driving positions, but many do so look for this opportunity if it is of interest.

5- More Freedom

Unlike the typical job, truck drivers don’t have start times, although many drivers do enjoy starting their routes early. As a truck driver, you see and experience new things, new places, and new memories each day and you’re never sitting inside of an office all day long. This is torturous for many people! Furthermore, there is no boss staring over your shoulder for an 8-hour work day, which reduces on the job stress. Working on the road as a truck driver provides an abundance of freedom that certainly makes life a little bit happier.